Pink Lemonade


Hey guys! Its Annabel here! If you missed the title, I am the lead guitarist and a vocalist of Pink Lemonade. We will shortly be downloading our music so hold tight!!! While you are waiting, here are a few things EVERYONE should know about me!!!

1. I have been playing guitar since I was in first grade... around eight years!

2. I am half British and cannot go without drinking at LEAST one cup of English Breakfast tea in my Harrods cup every morning

3. I have written 20+ songs all by myself

4. I am really into drama - Stymph Bird #3 ALL THE WAY!!! (long story...)

5. I don't take Latin... haha Rachel... I take Spanish which is SO much better

6. I now can play 8 instruments - the guitar, uke, guitjo, recorder, drums (sorta), piano, my voice, and the cowbell (my specialty)

7. I love to read mysteries - Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew especially!!!

8. I live on an organic farm so I am technically a farmer and a rocker... unique at its max!!!

9. The backup guitarist is my little bro... (Sorry Benjamin)

10. I am the oldest out of four

11. My mom is Italian

12. I have never been to California

13. If you wanna get on my good side, buy me cheesecake

14. I love my Fender and Seagull guitars

15. I will keep on adding to this list...

16. A word that discribes me is snazzyspazzylicious

16a. Follow up to #16... I am good at making up words on the spot (Impromtu edit by rachel says making up new words is called 'neologism')

I'll keep you guys updated! Thanks for reading this AWESOME post!!! I cannot wait for you guys to hear our rocking music!

What sort of songs do you guys want to hear??? Let us know in the comments below!!!

So long and ROCK ON,

Annabel :)