Pink Lemonade


Hey all of you punk rockers out there!

So after our big first debuting gig at The Big Red Barn, we have been working our little butts off learning new songs! We want to be fair and let everyone in the band pick songs that they/ we all like, so we all decided to take turns picking songs! Here are our choices...

Rachel - 

  • When I Come Around - Green Day

Annabel -

  • Back in Black - ACDC

Eliza - 

  • She's So Mean - Matchbox Twenty

Benjamin - 

  • After Midnight - Blink 182

Extra - 

  • Just What I Needed - The Cars
  • School of Rock - Jack Black/Zach Mooneyham

We are all excited to learn more and more songs! We want to know what songs y'all like too, though. Leave requests on our YouTube channel (PinkLemonadeTheBand) or on Instagram (pinklemonadetheband)!!! Can't wait to hear from all of you punk rockers out there!

Stay cool,

Pink Lemonade